Tuesday 6 January 2009, by cmcgarry

i recall many years ago when all the items were skipped for the rubbish tip, here i was given some films, i have never made these available to the public as there is no interest in deltics any more, the films were copied onto video and then skipped, i kept one film all about an engine change on the prototype deltic,this film i still have,the other film was called "triangle of power" which shows the manufacture of deltic engines, at the time i did get permission to use the films but never made the films available, due to the total lack of responses from adverts about deltic dvds i abandoned the project but still have the films on video and 16mm, maybe if i could find out about copyright might try once more but dont see much hope of anyone wanting to see these films as ive had them now for around 20 years, if i could make them available as im sure they are well out of copyright,im sure someone would copy them and make them on dvd which then makes my project about the deltics futile as ive done all the hard work tracking down these films thanks Peter Smallwood

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    6 January 2009 13:54, by Olly Jones

    Mr Smallwood,

    I read with interest your piece concerning films you have of the Napier Deltic production. We are currently in production for a National Geographic Channel documentary series, celebrating iconic British engineering, and we are interested in covering the story of the Napier Deltic engine. We consider this an important story worth revisiting. I would like to hear more about your experiences and any archival footage you may have. Feel free to contact me on

    Thanks Olly Jones

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