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Typhoon memorial in Normandy

Wednesday 15 March 2006, by cmcgarry

The 9th of June 1994 this Typhoon memorial at Villers Bocage was M. Roland Heudier the mayor of Vilers Bocage. Among those present were M. Raymond Triboulet (Minister under Gl De Gaulle) and Gl Yves Paul Ezanno DFC and bar, and S\Ldr Denis Sweeting of the 198th Typhoon Squadron There is a Fl/Lt A.E. Napier in the list. To see a photo with readable names click on the photo

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  • Typhoon memorial in Normandy

    21 February 2009 15:43, by Anthony Woodwark
    This memorial beside the main road is quite simply magnificent, simple yet striking, most unexpected to find such a first class memorial in such to the average tourist an unlikely spot. This site is well worth visiting as it brings home the importance these pilots played in the liberation of Europe.

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