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Sabre engines - Flying?

Tuesday 7 January 2003

Hi, just wondering if you know of any running sabre engine (static or flying) ’cause that’s what they were built for ! and i’d love to see or hear one in the flesh. any help or pointers would be appreciated cheers
Steve Wareing

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  • Sabre engines - Flying?

    21 September 2011 11:37, by Anthony Knight
    This is a very old thread, but can I add a request? Does anyone have a recording of a Sabre engine being started (Coffman starter). All of the so-called Sabre recordings miss that vital part of the process. We are trying to compile a sound archive of Typhoons for our web-site. I believe that there are two new Sabres in packing cases, possibly at Booker. Perhaps NPH could persuade someone to get them running. Anthony Knight Secretary, Typhoon Entente Cordiale Trust

    See online : TECT

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    • Sabre engines - Flying? 22 May 2012 03:51, by Alec BAstin
      As we try to restore our Napier Sabre engine to a static condition , a member of our group askd if it would be possible to restore it to an operating condition at his ( and his group in Mar del Plata City) cost. We answered that that we considered the project impossible but reading about the suspected existance of two "new" Sabres , perhaps this could happen. If those Sabres exist , would it be possible to move them down to Mar del Plata Argentina? If so I could link both ends of the rope . Please let me know through our mails

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      • Sabre engines - Flying? 24 December 2012 14:11
        I have spent a number of years cataloguing surviving Sabres and Typhoon parts. I saw a reference to the restoration of a Sabre engine, is this with the Napier Trust? Would love to know the history of this and it is one of the engines I have listed as surviving...

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        • Sabre engines - Flying? 27 December 2012 16:45, by Roy Gasson
          Sorry for the delay only just come back on after Christmas. The engine I have recently heard of is in an Argentian Museum and is being restored for display purposes. We would be very interested is seeing a copy of your catatogue of Sabres.

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          • Sabre engines - Flying? 13 March 2013 14:37, by Matt Myers

            Is it possible to obtain any engineering drawings of the Sabre engine?

            I would presume the engineering drawings still exist on microfilm but who would own them today?

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            • Sabre engines - Flying? 5 April 2013 13:55, by Roy Gasson
              I am afraid that a complete set of Sabre drawings do not exist as far as the Trust knows, we do have some drawings that we have managed to rescue.

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