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Geoff McGarry President - Napier Power Heritage Trust

January 2014


  • Mr Sims Ex Liverpool Works

    6 August 2013, by Roy Gasson
    Can anyone help did you work at Napiers East Lancs during the war or after and remember the Sims?
    I was with my brother yesterday Mr Ronald Sims and he will be 90 tomorrow and we had him go down memory lane. During the war he worked with my dad, who I understand was his boss, Mr Charles Sims, and my elder brother Mr Charles Leslie Sims. Now I do not know if they worked for Napiers or the government or indeed themselves but this is the story he told us yesterday and I have to say I have (...)

  • Lion Running

    2 February 2012, by Roy Gasson
    NPHT Member Andy Lloyd running his recentley restored Sea
    Please click on the above

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